Jeep Grand Cherokee Service Repair Manual 1990 – 2018

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Original 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Service Shop Manual 01
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1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Grand Wagoneer Service Manual 3 Book Set
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1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Shop Service Manual

Jeep Grand Cherokee WG Factory Service Manual

Covers Models –

2.7L Diesel
Automatic Transmissions

Includes –

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Factory Service Manual
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7L Diesel Factory Service Manual Supplement
Gas Powertrain Manual
Diesel Powertrain manual
Body Manual
Chassis Manual
Transmission Manual
Diesel Transmission Manual

Chapters Include –

Lubrication & Maintenance
Electronic Control Modules
Engine Systems
Heated Systems
gnition Control
Instrument Cluster
Message Systems
Power Systems
Speed Control
Vehicle Theft Security
Exhaust System
Frame & Bumpers
Fuel System
Heating & Air Conditioning
Emissions Control
Steering – 2.7L – Diesel
Transmission and Transfer Case
Emissions Control – 2.7L Diesel

Troubleshooting, tune-up, maintenance and repair are not difficult if you know what tools and equipment to use, as well as the proper procedures. Our Factory service manuals are produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturers giving step-by-step instructions that guide you through jobs ranging from simple maintenance to complete engine and suspension overhaul.

This factory service manual can be used by anyone from a first time do-it-yourself enthusiast to a professional mechanic. Detailed drawings and clear photographs give you all the information you need to get the job done right.

As these are intended for the mechanics at the dealerships, some of the procedures in these manuals require the use of special tools. The resourceful mechanic can, in many cases, think of acceptible substitutes for special tools. This can be as simple as using a few pieces of threaded rod, washers and nuts to remove a bearing or fabricating a tool from scrap material.

Most factory service manuals provide general information in the first chapter. VIN and model/engine numbers. Specifications about your particular year/model of vehicle. Later chapters concern methods and suggestions for quick and accurate diagnosis and repair of problems. Troubleshooting procedures discuss typical symptoms and logical methods to pinpoint the trouble. Chapters later on will include information on periodic lubrication and routine maintenance necessary to keep your vehicle working in top condition. They also include recommended tune-up procedures, eliminating the need to visit your dealer frequently. Subsequent chapters often go on to describe specific systems, providing disassembly, repair, assembly and adjustment procedures.

Most of the service procedures covered in these factory service manuals are straightforward and can be performed by anyone with a reasonable level of skill.
Much of the labor charges for repairs made by dealers are for the time involved during the removal, disassembly, assembly and re-installation of other parts in order to reach the defective part. It is frequently possible to perform the preliminary operations yourself and then take the defective unit to the dealer for repair at considerable savings.
Downloading your Factory Service Manual from A1 Factory Service Manuals will give you all the information that the mechanic at your local dealership has. Knowledge is power.
Save money by doing most of the jobs yourself, and also be armed with the information you need for when that big job comes along. You will never be fooled into paying for something that you don’t need ever again.

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How do I read the manual?

All our manuals are pdf documents, that can be read on any computer by using Adobe Acrobat reader, that is available for free from With Acrobat Reader, you can read the manual like a normal book…zoom in and out, search, print pages, etc. You may want to print out only the pages you need when attempting a specific job, so the information is with you whilst working on your vehicle. After the job is finished, you can just throw the pages away. No more worries getting your expensive paper manual dirty and oily.

What if my computer crashes and I lose my manual?

You can get a replacement copy from us at any time…even years later. Simply drop us an email at the same address you received with your original download link, and a replacement will be sent to you the same day. You may also want to burn your manual to a cd, or copy to a usb or hard drive. Then you can take your manual with you anywhere.